Solihull Ratepayers Association

"Fearless Campaigners on behalf of the people of Solihull" 

Chairman Alan Scott also Leader of SAMRA 0121 745 7202

Executive Secretary - Trevor Eames


also SAMRA Nominating & Campaigns Officer - Dickens Heath Parish Councillor - West Midlands Pensioners Convention Transport Group Secretary 0121 733 8081 mobile 07818 091501

Treasurer - Barbara Rogers
also SAMRA Treasurer

Membership Secretary - Marcella Barton also WMPC/TfWM Transport Group Sub

Lance Boyce (Co-opted Member)
Dorothy Boyce (Co-opted Member)
Robin Dutton (Co-opted Member)

Full List of Committee Members (AGM March 2023)

Alan Scott (Chairman also SAMRA Party Leader)

Barbara Rogers (Treasurer also SAMRA Party Treasurer)

Trevor Eames (Secretary also SAMRA Party Nominations Officer and Campaigns Officer - Membership and Transport Group Secretary of West Midland Pensioners Convention)

Marcella Barton (Membership Secretary also Transport Group Sub)

Graham Roberts (also TfWM Transport Group Solihull Rural Area Representative)


Christine Roberts (Elected Member 2023)


Lance Boyce (also WMPC/TfWM Transport Group)


Dorothy Boyce (Elected Member 2023)


Robin Dutton (Elected Member March 2019)


Gina Atkinson (Elected Member March 2020)


Ian Taylor (Elected Member March 2023)


Peter Harrodine (Elected Member 2023)

Honorary Committee Members


Mrs Mary Hitchcock

Association Representatives on West Midlands Pensioners Convention Regional Council

Trevor Eames (+Transport Group Secretary WMPC from 30th April 2015)


Alan Scott (WMPC/TfWM Transport Group)

Graham Roberts (WMPC/TfWMTransport Group)

Lance Boyce (WMPC/TfWM Transport Group)


Marcella Barton (WMPC/TfWM Transport Group Sub)

The Association Constitution allows Sponsorship of Local Independent Ratepayers & Residents Association Candidates within Solihull District via our Independent Regd. Local Political Party:-

Solihull & Meriden Residents Association (SAMRA) our affiliated Local Independent Political Party Registered with the Electoral Commission under ref. RPP6834097

Officers from August 2018 (re-elected March 2023)

Leader - Alan Scott

Treasurer - Barbara Rogers

Nominating Officer & Campaigns Officer Trevor Eames

We are located at:

7 Glascote Close


B90 2TA

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Solihull Ratepayers Association 7 Glascote Close, Shirley, Solihull B90 2TA t. 0121 733 8081