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Dog Mess on Pavements & Parkland The Ratepayers Association is calling on all dog owners to please support the majority of responsible pooch owners and clear up their animals anti-social mess.

Reminder " Theres No Such Thing as the dog poo fairy" and it is an offence which Solihull Councils New Wardens are enforcing with £££ penalties and adverse publicity for offenders.

June 2018

Solihull Ratepayers give this apartment block above overlooking the Shirley Park Childrens Play Area its "Worst Design of the Year Award"

Solihull Planning Committee certainly took their eyr off the ball when application 2016/01661 for this 27 two bedroom luxury apartment block that is totally out of character with the other new apartments in the Parkgate scheme (see concept photos below) was granted planning consent on 3rd March 2017.


Worryingly the project as shown are overlooking parkland and onto Richard Lewis Way next to Saracens Head were allowed to be decided under delegated powers.


Given the original concept plans for apartments overlooking Shirley Park already built (below) its difficult to see how this design was conceived let alone get through the planning process.


There is further concern that in an area where parking is already very difficult only 27 parking spaces are being provided for the 27 apartments.


We say this is third rate planning for a first class site and Shirley deserved rather better.  April 2017

Solihull Local Plan Review Shirley South Site Residents Campaign to protect public amenity land'

1.attend Council Consultation Meeting at Light Hall School 16th January in large numbers

2. Public Protest in the fields 22nd January 

3. Vote to Support Action Plan at LAYCA Centre Public Meeting on 31st January

National Dignity in Care Day 1st February Ratepayers Team man the West Midlands Pensioners Convention Stand at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital far right Marcella Barton SRA Membership Secretary see facebook for more details

Ratepayers organised Rally in support of saving Public Amenity Fields and the corridor from Bills Lane at Woodlands & Badgers estates Shirley from housing development on Councils Local Plan site 13 on 22nd January 2017

Photos showing typical current traffic congestion in Tanworth Lane Shirley 8.30am 9th January 2017 - Residents cannot access driveways and are very concerned over plans for 1850 new homes in the immediate vicinty

Ratepayers are campaigning to save this Public Amenity Land adjacant to the Woodlands Estate in Shirley from being developed for housing under the councils Local Plan Review site 13 area January 2017

Trevor Eames represents the West Midlands Pensioners Convention at the Halesowen Pensioners Branch Xmas Function with Mayor & Mayoress of Dudley & Branch Secretary 15th Dec

Christmas Social presentation to Jean Phipps 90th Birthday 11th Dec 2016

Visit to the Worcester Victorian Christmas Market on 25th November 2016

Ratepayers 13th September 2016 Outing to the Evesham Country Park and Garden Centre  Centre

Outing was a day on the Severn Valley Railway 13th July 2016

Ratepayers enjoyed an Afternoon Outing to the Botanical Gardens at Edgbaston on 25th May 2016

Ratepayers enjoy a breakfast committee meeting at the Sharman's Cross Pub April 2016

Ratepayers Vice Chairman Alan Scott monitors problems from the Council £390,000 scheme to replace traffic island at Blossomfield Road with traffic lights causing chaos for motorists as work progresses at a snails pace. (11th April 2016)

Ratepayers opposed the change making representations to the January Highways
Meeting claiming islands were more efficient and safer than traffic lights but all objections were over-ruled - the funding had to be spent by 31st March or lost!

Members changing trains at Kidderminster on April 2016 Social Outing to Worcester

visiting Museum and Art Gallery plus Worcester Cathedral (well worth a look at)

Breakfast in Worcester April 2016 Social Outing

Merry Hill Shopping Centre Visit 18th November 2015 Social Outing
Some of the Members at Shirley Rail Station setting out on a visit to Merry Hill Shopping Centre 18th November 2015
Photo Wolverhampton's Victorian Art Gallery well worth a visit
Photo Snow Hill Metro Station

Social Event - 21st October 2015 visit to Wolverhampton via Metro to the Art Gallery and a Black Country Pub Lunch
Anti-Austerity March Manchester Conservative Conference 4th October 2015
Association delegates to the West Midlands Pensioners Convention backed the 60,000 strong protest march in support of the NHS and Social Care Campaign
Social Event - Members Outing on 26th August took a train from Whitlocks End into Birmingham with a ride up to Broad Street on a new number 9 Crimson Bus for a an extended lunch followed by an interesting trip from Brindley Place on the historic inner city canal network with an excellent commentary.

PowerGen Shirley should be consigned to the dustbin of history and the site redeveloped to provide much needed homes.

It is far too late to save as back in 2005 the Government Valuation Survey confirmed it was not viable to bring back into use and removed it from the Valuation List saving Asda £4million in Business Rates since then.

This is an eyesore that should have been demolished years ago by popular public demand

The proposed redevelopment will provide 370 new homes many for the elderly and in close proximity to good local services - homes that would otherwise need providing in precious Green Belt.

We see the last minute proposals for listing as having no merit with little hope of success and are strongly opposed to the distraction caused especially if it adds further to delay and causes additional costs to Council Taxpayers.
 PowerGen Tower Block August 2015
Eyesore view of derelict offices suffered by local householders for last 20 years - must go!
Social Event - Members outing on 15th July 2015 was a trip on the X20 Bus to Stratford on Avon for lunch followed by leisurely activities around the river, parks and of course the shops
Social Event - While taking a keen interest in everything that goes on that effects the local community Ratepayers Association Members also take time out for interesting Social Activities - on 17th June they made an afternoon visit to the Melbicks Garden Centre in Coleshill - more activities are planned for July and August
Revised plans have been brought forward for consultation to redevelop the PowerGen site by Shirley Advance.

These remove the Public House and Drive Through Restaurant and the existing multi-storey car park plus take one floor off the 260 apartment Extra Care VillageTower Block complex.

The associations members will be considering the new plans at their Forum Meeting on 10th July 2015 2.00pm in the Shirley Centre 274 Stratford Road
Solihull Ratepayers are active members of the West Midlands Pensioners Convention and were here supporting their Election Hustings on 17th April at the Birmingham Council House holding leading representatives of the Main Regional Political Parties to account on Pensioner issues
30th April 2015

The Footbridge at Shirley Station is now due to open after the long running saga of the Electricity Supply arrangements for the lifts is finally sorted after months of wrangling to sort out legal matters.

It now awaits the necessary inspections and will then open to the public in the next week or so

The £1million project was part of the "Step Free" programme to meet the needs for disabled to access stations across the regional network by London Midland.

The original Footbridge will then go to a new home on the Severn Valley Railway
Solihull Ratepayers are backing a Campaign to Extend the Car Park for Park & Ride at Whitlocks End Station which is now operating close to capacity to cater for the increased demand and new housing developments in the area. April 2015
11th April 2015

The PowerGen Shirley Concept Redevelopment Plans for the 260 Retirement Village Blocks and site plan layout below (Nov 2014)

The Associations Forum Meeting on 14th November 2014 (see venue details on Home page) has a PowerPoint presentation and consultation on the scheme which includes;-

260 Retirement Village Complex (see below) plus up to 90 Apartments, 50 houses

A Public House, An Asda 6 pump Petrol Station opposite Parkgate access with option of a Fast Food Drive through Restaurant at rear and refurbishing the 200 space existing multi-storey car park

Site of Planned 4000 Muslim Cemetery in Catherine de Barnes Lane Solihull
This field in a vulnerable area of Solihull Green Belt is one of those to be swallowed up by the first of two planning applications for the planned largest Muslim Cemetery in the country to meet the regional needs of the Birmingham and greater West Midland Regional Community.

If approved there would be car parking for 170 vehicles and West Midland Police are seeking a 3metre (10ft) high secured by design security fence with CCTV around the huge site in an open area not served by public transport also creating highway safety hazards on the local network.

The needs of the Solihull Muslim Community are already well provided for by dedicated sections in local authority cemeteries and additional space will be provided to meet future needs as required in appropriate locations not on good agricultural farmland.

We say the longstanding policy of each local authority area providing for its own community of all faiths should be retained and Solihull should not be required to meet the needs of its large neighbours while as the smallest Metropolitan District Council in the Country we also have a small Muslim Community.

An analysis of the organised campaign in support for the application submitted showed only 106 pro-forma letters from Solihull 1541 from Birmingham Postcodes and 110 from over 100 miles away - where is the very special circumstances of local need justified in that.

The application should be refused on sound planning grounds as not meeting the very special circumstances to warrant Green Belt Development and if you agree objections can be Emailed to quoting ref 2014/1160 & 2014/1400 Cemetery Applications (August 2014)
Ratepayers Committee Members visit Woodhouse Farm site of the two proposed Muslim Cemeteries in Catherine de Barnes Lane Solihull where farmland is being parcelled up for development. (August 2014)
Travellers move onto Palmers Rough Recreation Ground Easter School Holiday 2014
Leave their Rubbish and Council put on a daily collection service
After receiving Court Hearing Notice the Travellers move on

Council move in with clean up team and trench access to stop return to be grassed and mounded
Mums & Toddlers are able to get back into the play area as the Travellers have gone

The association is now to petition a Scrutiny Review of Council Procedures to fast track the removal of Travellers from Council Land and an assistance pack for landowners who experience similar occupations and are all let down by the present systems.
Working for the Community - Ratepayers help out with Fund Raising at Castle Bromwich Gardens
The Ratepayers are backing elderly residents around Swallows Meadow and Madams Hill for a Bus Shelter with seating at this very exposed location on Cranmore Boulevard, Shirley. An application has been made to Centro but the pensioners are on the bottom of a long waiting list. We have now collected a petition from local people with over two hundred signitures calling on the Council to support the application as a priority on Social Grounds. The petition is being presented to by local Ward Councillor Gary Allport to the Transport & Highways Cabinet Member on 3rd June 2010. (May 2010)
Ratepayers are Backing Meriden Residents over illegal Travellers Site
Eaves Green Lane Meriden as it Was and Now...
Make no mistake this is a major problem with Travellers exploiting loopholes in European Human Rights Legislation to run rings round the Planning Rules the rest of us are bound by. The Council have served a Stop Notice and taken out an injunction but are required by legislation to provide facilities for Travellers. Until they do the courts seem unwilling to approve the removal of illegal sites. We are pressing for the Council to persue High Court Action and also provide a site on a land of its choosing to regain control of events.  (May 2010)
Ratepayers & SAMRA supporting the Meriden Residents Protest outside Solihull Council Offices on 4th May 2010 
SAMRA are backing Solihull Jobs at Land Rover - here Trevor Eames SAMRA Local Government Spokesman and Council Candidate for Shirley South is pictured with MEP Nikki Sinclaire's Range Rover at the Tesco Service Station Monkspath. (April 2010)
Nikki Sinclaire MEP used her first public engagement since taking her stance as an Independent MEP to address a packedSolihullRatepayers Members Forum at the Shirley Centre on 12th March. We had a lively debate on the costly European Union and Nikki confirmed much of which was bad for Britain. Nikki confirmed she is to Fight Caroline Spellmans Meriden seat in the forthcoming General Election and congratulated the association for doing a sterling job in representing the interests of Solihull people. pictured L to R Nikki Sinclaire MEP John Rogers Ratepayers Chairman Trevor Eames Ratepayers Secretary Josh O'Nyons UKIP plus Nikki with SRA members after the meeting. (March 2010)
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